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Recommended Book -
The Mastery Club

An Empowering Novel for Young People of All Ages.
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Book - The Mastery Club

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The Mastery Club not just for Kids!

Book - The Mastery Club "This book is not just for kids. As a fan of The Secret and a true believer in The Law of Attraction, I love The Mastery Club. I pull it out every now and then as it is a great story, easy reading, and has a fantastic message. I am so looking forward to reading it with my daughter Klara when she is old enough."
Richie Coutts
Global Secrets International

“It takes a village to bring up a child”

The Mastery Club - by Liliane Grace

Highly recommended for younger readers. (and older alike!)

The Mastery Club is a book that all of us here at Global Secrets has read (several times) and highly recommend. It is a wonderfully positive novel with a great storyline which is targeted towards the age group of 8 (or younger) up to teens, but adults will also enjoy this book.

The Mastery Club uses similar principles and methods that are taught in The Secret, and The Law of Attraction for manifesting exactly what you want in life.

An Empowering Novel for Young People of All Ages

WHAT IF you could sail through school, have a great home life and lots of friends, and succeed at the things that are really important to you? It REALLY IS POSSIBLE for you to creatively affect your life beyond hoping, wishing or just 'going with the flow'.

We humans typically use only a tiny part of our potential. Just by using a little bit more, you can DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your life.

The Mastery Club is about a group of friends on a quest to be all they can be and make their dreams come true. BE INSPIRED as you read what happens when they decide to learn about their potential and go after their dreams.

Testimonials for The Mastery Club

Check out some of the impressive testimonials for this book including Drew Heriot who was the Director of The Secret (Original version) and Dr John F. DeMartini who is also in The Secret movie and best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience.

"The Mastery Club is an ingenious contemporary story filled with intriguing and educational characters... [It]will help you break through any self-imposed boundaries... unleash your creative genius... and love yourself... master your thinking, feeling and destiny... and enable you to see the big, divine picture."
- from the Foreword by Dr John F. Demartini, best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience.

"The Mastery Club is a fun introduction to the techniques employed by the greatest minds in History. It excites the young adventurer in all of us."
Drew Heriot, Director of ‘The Secret’.

"What a clear, alive and heart-warming introduction for children to the ‘real magic’ concepts of creating your own reality through thoughts and creative visualisation! Those ideas (and many others) are beautifully woven into an engaging and lively story about five twelve-year-olds and their Mastery Club – and what happens in their lives when they begin to apply the laws of creation. An intriguing, empowering and uplifting experience for any reader."
– Kathrine Hutchison, Wholistic Psychologist

"I finished the book and it was really one of the best books that I’ve read in my life. Daddy and Mummy want to read it next. I am now visualising winning a scholarship to a high school I want to go to."
- Stephanie Rose Limm, age 10

"The Mastery Club is a great book; once I started I couldn't put it down. It has encouraged me to set bigger and more important goals. I like the way important life goals are put into story form to make it easier to understand for younger readers. I have and will recommend this book to all my friends. The thing I learned was to keep visualising my goal even when it looks like it could never happen. This book is truly inspiring and I hope others enjoy reading it as much as I did. Thanks Liliane."
- Caleb Reekie, age 13

"Once I had begun this book I felt compelled to read it. I couldn’t put it down!"
– Jess Wynne, age 14