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You were born richYou Were Born Rich
You Were Born Rich gives you the COMPLETE, PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity.
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The science of getting richScience of Getting Rich
Bob Proctor is reintroducing the wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles to the world. After studying The Science of Getting Rich for over a quarter century he has developed a complete wealth creation program based on the contents of this book.
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Bob Proctor - Learning Systems

The born rich learning systemBorn Rich Learning System
The "Born Rich” Learning System is a program that has performed miracles in companies and individuals worldwide. Its very seeds, in fact, created so many shifts in Bob Proctor’s young life that he spent more than 20 years studying WHY he had changed. As he found answers to his questions, he realized that anyone could do what he had done...if they simply followed the same path.
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Winner's image learning systemWinner's Image
The Winner's Image is based on one of the most important concepts a person will ever learn when it comes to personal development - self-esteem. Self-esteem deals with everything from our weight to our grades in school to our annual income to our personal relationships. Until you understand this, you are dealing with an unseen enemy.
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Goal achiever learning systemGoal Achiever
When it comes to achieving goals, the fast-moving Goal Achiever program will prove to be one of the most powerful personal success programs you've ever come across. Finally, you'll come to understand why so many people set goals, yet so few achieve them. "Goal setting" and "goal achieving" are two completely separate activities that deal with different parts of one's personality.
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