The Law of Polarity

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The Law of Polarity

The paragraph/s below have been taken directly from the SGR program. Make sure you read the “Our comments” section at the bottom for a more detailed explanation.

Everything has an opposite: Hot-Cold…Up-Down…Good-Bad…Inside-Outside.

Constantly look for the good in people and situations. When you find it, tell the person. People love compliments and the positive idea in your mind makes you feel good. Remember, good idea - good vibration.

Everything in the universe has its opposite. There would be no inside to a room without an outside. If you referred to the side of this sheet of paper these words are written on as the top, then the other side would be the bottom. You have a right and left side to your body, a front and back. Every up has a down and every down has an up. The law of Polarity not only states that everything has an opposite…it is equal and opposite. If it was 3 feet from the floor up on to the table, it would be 3 feet from the table down to the floor. If it is 150 miles from Manchester to London, by law it must be 150 miles from London to Manchester; it could not be any other way.

If something you considered bad happens in your life, there has to be something good about it. If it was only a little bad, when you mentally work your way around to the other side, you will find it will only be a little good.

Permit the line below to represent any situation in life

The law of polarity line
Realize that every situation JUST IS; you make it negative or positive by virtue of how you choose to think about the situation. When you look at the situation one way and it is negative, you can change your perspective and look at it from the opposite viewpoint and find, it will be positive.

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Extracted from ‘The Science of Getting Rich Seminar (SGR), 2007 with specific permission from Life Success Productions – If you wish to purchase a copy of The SGR study program go to

Our Comments

What a great way of looking at a situation!

The Law of Polarity, when you understand it, can be used very effectively to turn a situation that you consider bad, into a situation that you suddenly consider is good.

Jack Canfield (Teacher in The Secret) gives us a marvellous example in the SGR program of how he uses this law to his advantage.

Jack Canfield was taught a technique by W. Clement Stone (his mentor and at one stage the richest man in America) that he called his ‘That’s good therapy’.
No matter what happened, whether it was 10 years ago, 10 minutes ago or 10 seconds ago, you simply say “That’s good!” Then you must consciously step back and evaluate the situation and look for all the good that there is in that situation. If you look properly – you will always find it!

“Every negative event has a seed of equal or greater benefit within it.” Napoleon Hill.

A great phrase we can use to exemplify this is:

“If life hands you a lemon – squeeze it and make lemonade” Unknown Author.

If you are practicing the lessons taught in The Secret, and you truly believe that the goals that you have set will manifest, there is a real and positive reason for being in any situation or circumstance that you find yourself in, and this reason will be of great benefit to you. You may initially perceive this situation to be negative, but your job is to step back, and find the positive…it is there!

If you understand The Law of Polarity properly, you will learn that no matter how you actually perceive any situation or circumstance that you are in; the bottom line is that that situation or circumstance just “IS”. There really is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it is all in your own mind.

“You can change your emotion immediately... by thinking of something joyful, put on your favourite piece of music, or think of a baby…maybe one you love!”. Bob Proctor

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