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The Magic Story - Frederick Van Rensselaer Day

eBook - The magic Story
When you read ‘The Magic Story’ you will almost immediately begin to have good luck – so it is claimed! You’d be mad not to have a read then don’t you think? It is at least worth a few minutes of your time. Say, instead of just one TV show…….

This little silver book was first published in the original ‘Success’ Magazine in 1900 and made an immediate, worldwide sensation with its powerful message. Thousands of people called for a reprint. Now it is reproduced here for you to benefit too. Good luck anyone? Read on.

Learn about the success that is within you. You were not born with fewer attributes or opportunities than the next person. Yours are just different. But nobody else is going to hand you success on a platter. It’s simply a matter of attitude, and tapping in to the positive ‘entity’ inside you. All you have to do is find it, and you will start to blossom. The Magic Story is in two parts.
Part 1 reveals the how the book, ‘The Magic Story’ was discovered by a starving down-at-heel artist named Sturtevant. He purchased a ragged old leather bound scrapbook for 3 cents. From the moment he read it, immediately his life changed and he began to prosper. Everyone he told the story to flourished too. It seemed to change people's lives for the better... like magic.
Part 2 is the actual ‘Magic Story’ as found by Sturtevant.
Cleverly narrated so that you just have to keep reading to find out what ‘The Magic Story’ is! Time after time you are just about to find out what it is that is exciting so many, when fate intervenes and carries off the narrator yet again. Finally the contents of the old scrapbook bound in rawhide are revealed to you. It’s worth the wait…. Fortune can be yours, failure a thing of the past. Read ‘The Magic Story’ today.

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