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The Science of Being Well - Wallace D Wattles

The Science of Being Well EbookThe Science of Being Well is a rare old book from 1910 with a radical message: To change your health – you must change the way you think. And you can.!

Do you know that whatever thoughts we ‘put out there’ we get back (The Law of Attraction teaches us that). This applies to our health too of course. So if you are not in tip-top physical shape, whatever your age, you must not be thinking ‘right’ about your body. Wow! Read on …..

Wallace Wattles says with total confidence: “The Science of Being Well is an exact science, like arithmetic. Nothing can be added to the fundamental principles, and if anything be taken from them, a failure will result. If you follow strictly the way of living prescribed in this book, you will be well. And you certainly CAN follow this way, both in thought and action”.

Wallace D Wattles declares that you can achieve peak health and fitness by thinking and acting in a certain way. First you need to create a very clear picture of yourself as perfectly healthy. If a person is sick and begins to think and act in the way he describes in this book, he will “attain perfect health”.

‘The Science of Being Well’ covers these Chapters:

Chapter 1: The Principle of Health
Chapter 2: The Foundations of Faith
Chapter 3: Life and Its Organisms
Chapter 4: What to Think
Chapter 5: Faith
Chapter 6: Use of the Will
Chapter 7: Health from God
Chapter 8: Summary of the Mental Actions
Chapter 9: When to Eat
Chapter 10: What to Eat
Chapter 11: How to Eat
Chapter 12: Hunger and Appetites
Chapter 13: In a Nutshell
Chapter 14: Breathing
Chapter 15: Sleep
Chapter 16: Supplementary Instructions
Chapter 17: A Summary of the Science of Being Well

It is significant to ‘hear’ Wallace Wattles maintain that he was able to achieve a 100% success rate with those who followed his approach. It’s certainly worth a read. My attitude has dramatically changed since reading this little volume. And guess what, my health has too.

If you too want vibrant health and would love to be feeling good, The Science of Being Well is a must read.

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