Audio Book - Whispers of Inspiration - Jack Canfield

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Whispers of Inspiration

Jack's encouraging and insightful words speak to your deepest self, nurturing your soul and reaffirming the power within you to illuminate your path and guide you to your goals.

Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Author : Jack Canfield
Narrator : N/A

Length : 1 hour (Unabridged)
Format : Encoded Windows Media

Download Price : $7.98

Technical stuff to know

This audio book is in English and download time will vary depending on the type and quality of computer equipment and internet connection.

*This audio book is encoded with the latest version of Windows Media DRM.
This version is not compatible with the Macintosh operating system.

If you have access to a PC then you will be able to burn the files as Audio CDs and then use these CDs to transfer the content onto your Mac.

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