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"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy."
~ Brian Tracy

Jack canfield work shop

Jack Canfield in Person – One-Day Workshop
Success Principles, North America,
April 4

Jack Canfield’s teachings have helped tens of thousands of people empower their lives. You can’t be in the same room with this man for a day without fundamentally changing. Exposing yourself to his can-do perceptions and energy alters your subconscious beliefs about what is possible in your life. When your deeply-held assumptions change, so does your outer reality. Jack Canfield is the incredibly inspiring Law of Attraction teacher who founded the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and who was featured on The Secret DVD.

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Book - The Power of the Subcounscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
By Dr. Joseph Murphy

In Hardback or Paperback

Praised by some as the most powerful self-help guide ever written, this famous Law of Attraction classic by one of the most renowned “New Thought” teachers of the 20th Century, details strategies to align your subconscious mind with your conscious desires: essential for manifestation success. Lively, practical, and motivating. If you never read another book, read this one.

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Infinite Possibilities:
The Art of Living Your Dreams

Blood, sweat, and tears aren't what it takes to see your dreams come true. Imagination, belief, and expectation are needed. We make our own realities, our own fate, and our own luck.
This electrifying course was created by Mike Dooley, one of the most dynamic teachers of “The Secret.” If you want to jump-start your life, this is the program that will do it. 12-hour audio set.

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Do You Have a Story to Share?

Do you have an inspiring manifestation story that happened to you or someone you are close to? We’d love to hear it! Please send it to us, and we may publish it in a future newsletter. Everyone’s success is an inspiration to everyone else, so please don’t be shy. What you’ve accomplished will help others have more trust in the fact of the Law of Attraction, and that will help them better manifest their dreams. To send us your story, please reply to this email!

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A Reader’s Remarkable Story

A reader wrote in with this question,

“Three times I’ve wanted something so clearly and strongly that I could almost taste it. Yet none of those things came to me. Why not? I thought the Law of Attraction would have made them happen.”

From our experience, we think there might be several possible answers. Maybe the things are still in the works and will manifest in time. Maybe you were desiring something someone else opposed, making it harder for the universe to bring that exact thing to you. (More about how to circumvent this little problem in future newsletters.) Or maybe you were desiring something as if it were apart from you, not seeing yourself as having it, not expecting it, not seeing it as a done deal.

Expecting Your Dream to Come True

Let’s talk about that third possibility, which is the reason many manifestations stay in limbo. To get out of limbo, you can start by imagine HAVING the thing you desire. Don’t vividly see the gold necklace in the shop window in your mind’s eye – rather, imagine it clearly being around your neck! We need to visualize what we want as if we have received it, in the joy of receiving it, not as if it’s something that is GOING TO happen to us. Because when we imagine it separate and in the future, it continues to stay that way, stuck in a shop window or in a tomorrow that never comes.

Visualizing yourself enjoying the object or experience you desire is an important part of manifestation. But expecting your manifestation involves even more than that. It’s important to be intent, focused and receptive to your dream coming true. That means believing in yourself and your wish. If it’s really hard for you to believe you can have a brand new Mercedes Benz, then visualize on that, but also visualize on things you want that you find more believable. Your belief will manifest those smaller things first because of your expectation and receptiveness. When the smaller things materialize in surprising and miraculous ways, this will boost your confidence in the Law of Attraction and in your ability to work it. Then wishing for the Mercedes Benz won’t seem like such a stretch in belief – the day will come when you feel completely confident that the universe can and will bring that wonderful car to you. And that’s when you’ll receive it!

True Story: The Power of Expecting

We received an inspiring story this week from a reader who was able to manifest something big that she really wanted by maintaining her confidence that she could have it, in spite of everyone around her telling her it wasn’t possible. She had lots of positive experiences getting her wishes using the Law of Attraction, so in spite of the discouraging messages she got from others, she never lost her focus that her dream was coming true.

We’ll let her tell you the experience in her own words:

“Some years ago, I had a historical walking tour business that I had created in the little tourist town I lived in at the time. People loved my tour. It was funny yet factual. But I got tired of repeating the same stories to people three times a day five days a week, and decided to sell the business at the end of the first summer.

“Everyone said I could get maybe $300 or $400 for it. I went to a guy who was big in the Chamber of Commerce and told him I wanted to sell it for $4,000. He actually laughed at me. ‘You just walk the people up and down the street and tell them stories,’ he said. ‘Anyone can do that, without your help. Why would they pay you $4,000 to do it?’

“Well, I knew the tour was worth that, because of the amount of money it brought in every day during the summer. And I knew that in years past, two other people had tried to start two different tours in our town that had gone nowhere. I had some magic ingredients that made mine successful, and I would teach those to the right person for the right price. Then they would be successful, as I was, and recoup the cost of their investment within a year.

“Several people offered to buy the tour, but for only $400. So I talked to everyone I knew in the little town who had a shop on the main street. All of them loved the tour, but had no time to take it over because of having to run their own store. So I turned the problem over to my Higher Self, saying ‘I only know a few people with money in this town, but You know everybody. You know who is just the right person for this tour, the person who would love to conduct it every summer and who would be successful at it. You’ll link me up with that person.’

“After I turned over my problem about finding a buyer, I stopped worrying about it, even though I was under considerable pressure, having made a commitment to move to another town, two hours away, at the end of the month!

“One day I was walking back to my car after giving the walking tour. I was handing out tour fliers to people who passed me on my side of the street. I did this after every tour on the way back to the car, it was just my routine. But on this particular afternoon, I heard a voice in my head, out of the blue. It said, ‘Cross the street.’ Clear as a bell, those words just appeared in my head (I’m not a person who normally hears voices!).

“I thought, ‘This is too weird! Why did I have that thought? There’s no reason to cross the street. There are plenty of people on this side of the street to hand out fliers to.’ Then I heard the voice again, which I now know was just a very clear thought or directive coming from my Higher Self. This time it said, ‘Don’t be lazy! Cross the street! There could be money in this!’

“It was bizarre. How could there be money in crossing the street, just from handing out fliers on that side? But the voice was so clear and insistent, that I did it.

“As I stepped onto the curbing on the other side of the street, I noticed two couples standing there, chatting on the sidewalk. Naturally, I handed them my fliers, as I always did to people I passed when walking back to my car. But this time, instead of just taking the flier, one of the women said, ‘Oh! You're that lady who does the walking tours! I saw your picture in the paper. I think it's just SO cool that you’re a woman and you started your own business. I wish I could do something like that!’

“And then I got it. THIS WAS THE WOMAN WHO WAS GOING TO BUY MY TOUR! ‘Well, I'm glad you like the idea,’ I said, ‘Because it so happens, the tour is for sale.’ ‘You're kidding,’ she said. ‘Really? I want to buy it. Give me your phone number and I'll call you in two hours. I want it, you understand? Please don't sell it to anyone else. I'll pay you whatever you want. Money is no object!’

“I still remember her earnestly saying, "Money is no object!" When she phoned me later that day, she had no problem with the $4,000, only asking that we write up a contract and that she be allowed to pay $3,000 cash upfront with $1,000 due the following summer. We wrote up the contract, notarized it, and the next summer she paid me the balance. I taught her all I knew, and she went on to develop the tour into bus tours and home tours. We kept contact for years, and as far as I know, she's still going strong with the tour business to this day.”


We think part of why B. got her wish was that she insisted on the price she knew the business was worth. She didn’t let other people who didn’t know its value talk her out of her knowledge. Then she held the idea of selling it for that amount as an expectation, like a light that somebody would see and come to - the right person, who wanted to buy such a business for such a price. She was confident in the rightness and do-ability of her desire, and trusted the right person would be drawn to her. She understood that success truly is a matter of psychic energy and attraction.

Do You Have a Story to Share?

Do you have an inspiring manifestation story that happened to you or someone you are close to? We’d love to hear it! Please send it to us, and we may publish it in a future newsletter. Everyone’s success is an inspiration to everyone else, so please don’t be shy. What you’ve accomplished will help others have more trust in the fact of the Law of Attraction, and that will help them better manifest their dreams. To send us your story, please reply to this email or click here!

Next Week

We’re taking a family vacation next week and won’t be sending out a newsletter. But in the two newsletters after that, we’ll talk about how to increase your faith in the Law of Attraction. Belief increases confidence and EXPECTATION that your desire will come true. And expectation is essential for your dream to manifest!

Wishing you a fun-filled, wonderful week,

Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
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Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Founders of Global Secrets International

P.S. We always love to hear from you! Please send feedback on how we can make things better and also your stories about applying The Law of Attraction in your life. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family and friends.

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