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"It is psychological law that whatever we desire to accomplish we must impress
upon the subjective or subconscious mind."
~ Orison Swett Marden

Winsome Coutts

Winsome’s Retirement

Winsome Coutts, who wrote and published this newsletter for the past 3 years, has retired. The mantle has been passed to her son, Richie Coutts, and his partner, Anneli Asplund, who look forward to bringing you the newsletter every week. We intend to pack each edition with wisdom, suggestions, and wonderful products for your growth and self-empowerment.

Winsome sends her love to all our readers. She says she will dedicate the next few years to gardening and real estate investment, which shows the kind of “relaxing” retirement our mom has in mind.

Book - The Power of the Subcounscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
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One of the most powerful self-help guides ever written, this famous Law of Attraction classic is available in hardback or paperback.

The author, Dr. Joseph Murphy, cured himself of cancer using the mind-reprogramming techniques he explains in this book. He provides true stories while detailing dozens of strategies to align your subconscious mind with your intentions, ensuring your manifestation success.

Use this guide as a manual: consult it frequently. Use it as inspiration: keep it by your bedside.

Readable and to the point, it’s the perfect primer for making the Law of Attraction work in your life. If you never buy another book, you’ve got to buy this one.

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Audio Course  - Mind Dynamics

Mind Dynamics
Audio Course

In this powerful program, Sidney Friedman, a renowned expert in the practice of extra-mental abilities, shares a breadth of knowledge that will help you toward achievement, wealth, love and contentment.

In Mind Dynamics, you will learn:

  • How to make your greatest wishes come true by learning the secret of communicating with your subconscious mind
  • How to unleash exceptional creativity and brainstorming skills among you and your colleagues
  • How to tap the "inner information superhighway" of your subconscious mind for answers to key questions in your life
  • How to see and shape the future
  • How to find missing objects
  • How to attain contentment
  • How to uncover the hidden genius that exists within every mind to discover abilities you never thought you had

"The conscious mind knows a limited amount of information compared to the subconscious mind, which seems to know about everything," Friedman observes. This program contains time-tested techniques that will lead you to results that seem magical. You will make the impossible possible, the unattainable attainable, and you will even make the unbelievable believable.

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Access Your Subconscious Mind Power – an MP3

Access Your Subconscious
Mind Power
An MP3

This is the best website we’ve found on how to reprogram your subconscious to align with, support and manifest your desires. The site offers a no-cost MP3 called Subconscious Mind Power. Signing up to download it also registers you for a no-cost e-course called How to Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power from Scratch.

The website is full of wonderful articles that extend the ideas you read about in today’s newsletter. If you like the MP3 and e-course, you can register for the website’s Subconscious Mastery Seminar (for an affordable price). The no-charge MP3 you download is Part One of that course.

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Is This Mistake Sabotaging Your Manifesting?

We received the following e-mail last week from a questioning reader:

"You make it sound so simple. You have your dream, feel grateful for all that happens, etc. After a long while of feeling low because I couldn't make anything positive happen, I changed my attitude 180 degrees and felt great. I wrote down my goals, and when those didn't appear I wrote down a new set with a business plan to show how I was to progress things.

"Then – nothing. Not a whimper. But I tore my ligaments while skiing and I am still recovering after 8 weeks. I lost clients I could ill afford to lose. I then got the worst flu I’d had in 30 years. My husband blew up the car and we don't have the money for a new one.

"All the time it seems that whatever I dream of, whatever I try, fails. I look at myself in my current predicament and do believe that fortunes will change, but to write a story about a woman whose fortunes changed overnight because her attitude changes, I’m sorry but I don't think so. Believe you me, I have tried.

"I have never been afraid of hard work. I don't actually complain to anyone. I try techniques to change round my moods to embrace another set of thought patterns, but I am truly stuck.

"So if you have any suggestions I would be grateful. Perhaps it is because I don't have the money to buy your products, which I don't, but it would be nice for someone to make sense of this."


First of all, we have been there, too. Maybe it’s a stage of manifestation that lots of us have to go through – “the awkward, acne-teenage phase” of personal development. A person gets the theory fine of how The Secret works, but applying it in real life turns out to be quite another story.

But attitudes are not changed in a day. If you have been thinking negatively about yourself, your life, or your future, the choice to stop those attitudes is only the first step. Just taking it makes you feel great, as our reader experienced. She felt she’d made a 180-degree turn. Then nothing changed in her life. But she didn’t allow herself to whimper. (Notice how negative judgments have already crept into her thinking on a subtle level: “Nothing’s happening. I need results faster. Maybe the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Maybe I can’t work it. But I mustn’t whimper. I must think positive.”)

Then something bad happens, a skiing injury, and this confirms her fear that maybe nothing works. By now she has already slid far down the hill from feeling fantastic and believing in herself to great self-doubt. She’s still trying not to whimper, but in her heart she is full of hopelessness. More bad things happen, and this convinces her she is a failure and has no control over her life.

It’s Not Just About Not Complaining

What happened is that old, engrained beliefs and programming prevailed over the wonderful new attitude. Doubtful thoughts started emerging, but the reader pushed them down instead of addressing them and working her way through them. She thought if she just didn’t complain, that meant she had a manifesting, results-producing attitude. In fact she was burying part of herself, and that’s what sabotaged her. Now she’s lost faith in herself, saying “It seems whatever I dream of, whatever I try, fails.” So what’s manifesting in her life? That deeply held belief.

The friend we wrote about in our story last week did not suddenly turn her life around with the attitude change we reported. She had been working on taking charge of her life for some time. She would do well for a few weeks or months then slide into another bout of bad things happening. It was when she saw that every slide in fortune was preceded by an unconscious slide in attitude that our friend was able to really notice and route out her habit of dropping back into old thinking. Her success didn’t happen overnight. It happened through applying the Law of Attraction as she understood it, practicing it step by step, and learning through her own experience.

Addressing Old Beliefs

Before we reach the stage of complete personal empowerment, we have to encounter our old beliefs that stand in the way of living it. These are attitudes we harbor, often subconsciously, about our own worth and abilities, about how the world works, about “money being the root of all evil,” etc. Whenever we try to reach for something better, these old attitudes announce themselves in the form of doubtful thoughts. But this is a good thing! Such thoughts are calling cards from our subconscious, telling us about buried programming we didn’t know we had.

When it asserts itself, listen to it. Find a quiet corner and five or ten minutes to deal with the doubt. Let your negative mind-chatter tell you what you really are feeling on the subconscious level – that powerful level of mind that determines what happens in your life. Once you can identify the old belief you’re holding, contemplate it, then ask yourself why you know this former belief to not be true, the reasons why you know it to be false. Don’t grab at some superficial answer. Really ask yourself how your new understanding and life experience cause you on the conscious level to no longer hold that old belief.

Reprogramming the Subconscious

Then explain to your subconscious why that old belief isn’t true, and what is true for you now. Just have a little, sincere talk with yourself, at the time the doubt springs up. Your subconscious is active and aware in such moments and will hear what you tell it. That starts to reprogram your innermost self with your new, empowering beliefs. The subconscious attitude starts to be revised.

Every time you do this, the subconscious mind starts to align more with your current conscious beliefs, and your conscious control of your life becomes greater. You no longer are running on autopilot, victim to old programming that runs unnoticed beneath your conscious awareness and sabotages your success and happiness. Cognitive psychology is a new branch of therapy that applies this very principle. It suggests becoming aware of your negative thoughts, evaluating their truth, then re-stating the thoughts to yourself in a more truthful form.

Getting Yourself in One Piece

In our reader’s case, she might take “Whatever I dream of, whatever I try, fails,” consciously consider the validity of that a few moments, then turn it into a more truthful statement like: “In the past, some of what I tried and dreampt of didn’t turn out as I expected. But I’m learning how to accomplish my dreams, and now my success is growing.”

This is a message the subconscious will recognize as reasonable and be willing to accept. Because you’ve adopted the new belief that there is a Law of Attraction and you can have anything you put your mind to, you have jolted your subconscious to attention – so much so that doubtful, defeatist thoughts are springing up. This is your subconscious saying, “Hey, this doesn’t compute. Which do you want me to take as true: that we’re broke or that we’re abundant?” That’s when you explain to it that in the past, poverty was an experience, but that now good things are here and greater things are coming to you.

The Worst Kind of Poverty

Keep holding up the lantern of your dream, and the things you need to make it real will follow the light until they arrive safely on your doorstep. While you wait for them to show up, don’t be upset when your subconscious shows you a negative attitude. Be grateful for its revealing the infected old beliefs you need to clean out, because if it didn’t do that, those hidden attitudes would completely sabotage your dreams.

One last reference to our reader and her letter. We believe she was correct in thinking success may be harder for her because that she’s never taken a course or really studied the subject. Yes, it costs some money, typically, to really learn to apply The Law of Attraction. But to tell ourselves, “I can’t afford it” is to accept old negative thinking rather than addressing it, questioning it, and turning it into an attitude that’s healthier and more realistic. If we can’t afford to invest a little money in our own happiness, if we don’t think we’re worth some dollars being spent on learning how to achieve our own dreams, then we are poor in the very worst sense of the word. “I can’t afford it” is only an attitude, and it’s only true if we keep on letting it be.

Next Week – More Ways to Reprogram the Subconscious

In our next newsletter, we’ll talk about several other things you can do to reprogram your deep mind to align with your conscious wishes. The more you erase the old tapes that sabotage your happiness, the more quickly the universe (intimately linked to your subconscious) will deliver up the goods.

Wishing much success and abundance to F. and to all our dear readers,

Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Richie and Anneli Signature
Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Founders of Global Secrets International

P.S. We always love to hear from you! Please send feedback on how we can make things better and also your stories about applying The Law of Attraction in your life. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family and friends.
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