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"Infinite mind created everything that is, and can create more on demand.
Don’t you think that between everything that is and everything that could be,
the special something your heart longs for can be yours? "
~ Jessi Hoffman


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Beating the Scarcity Myth

Have you ever tried to use the Law of Attraction to create something in your life, only to find later that events unfold very differently from what you wanted? Maybe they even seem to stomp on your dream. Why does this happen, and what can we do about it?

We have a friend who recently entered a lottery for a dream-house giveaway, and daily visualized himself winning that prize. He made the image quite concrete: he felt the joy, felt himself inside that dream house he saw on TV, but on the night of the big lottery, before his very eyes, the celebrity host drew another name, phoned another person, and gave his dream house to them. That kind of experience can be very discouraging.

The problem was, our friend got caught up in the myth of scarcity. He imagined that TV giveaway house was THE answer to his dream. Unfortunately, several million other people were imagining the very same giveaway house, only they were picturing themselves winning it. When there’s only one house being given away, what is a universe to do? That particular house can only go to one person.

Don’t Tell the Universe How

But there is no scarcity in the universe. Scarcity is an illusion caused by a limited perspective. If we want to live in a dream house, we can have one. If we want to win something – a drawing of some kind – we can win one. If we want to own a great sum of money, it can be ours. The trickiness comes when you tell the universe exactly how it has to deliver the goods to you.

Think about what happened in the case of the house lottery. Millions of people were competing with Rick, on the level of thought, for that singular prize. But did all of them really need to have the winning ticket for their wish to be fulfilled? Or was what each person truly wanted something that there was plenty of in this world: a beautiful home, or money that would come from owning and selling such a home, or perhaps just the pleasure of winning something?

Wouldn’t it be possible for the universe to fulfill every one of the house competitors’ desires if they visualized what it was they really wanted (a dream home, or lots of money, or winning something) instead of one particular object that many other minds were competing for?

Quarreling Over Candy

Mind creates reality, and that means all our collective minds together. If you want something that millions of other minds don’t want for you to have, because they want it for themselves instead, the interference in the universe created by all those conflicting desires negates what might otherwise be a perfectly successful manifestation.

Rather than compete with others for something you want, mentally create the thing you desire in a way that will be a win-win for everybody. Go ahead and visualize winning some prize, or getting awarded the job you applied for in competition with other people. But do it with the intention that it’s not necessarily the raffle house, or that designated job, that you are creating by such images. Not that particular house, or that particular job, necessarily and exclusively.

In other words, don’t hold the universe to fulfilling your desire using the exact scenario you picture. If the dream house or the dream job goes to someone else, be glad for them when you hear it, and on the spot remind your subconscious that you, too, are expecting a similar manifestation in the near future!

Avoid These De-Manifestation Traps

Don’t let yourself fall into the de-manifestation traps of envy or discouragement. Here is what that master manifester, Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, has to say about envy and its affect on the Law of Attraction:

“To entertain envious thoughts is devastating, because it places you in a negative position. Therefore, wealth flows away from you instead of to you. If you are ever irritated by the prosperity of another, claim immediately that you truly wish for him or her greater wealth in every possible way. This will neutralize the negative thoughts in your mind and cause an even greater measure of wealth to flow to you by the law of your own subconscious mind.”

~ Dr. Joseph Murphy

Like envy, discouragement works counterproductive to a dream being fulfilled. Instead of imagining winning a lottery giveaway house, it may be better to visualize living in the home of your dreams. Instead of visualizing receiving a particular job offer, you may be wiser to visualize happily working in the job of your dreams.

This kind of visualizing can protect us from the discouragement of possibly not receiving one particular home or one particular career position. It also gives the universe leeway to pick out the very best job for us or the very best house.

Enough for Everybody

To successfully work The Law of Attraction to your advantage, realize that there is no scarcity in the universe. The Infinite created everything that is, and can create more on demand. There is plenty for everyone. Whatever your heart longs for can be yours.

There’s no need to take from anyone else to get what we desire. There is enough for everybody to be happy. Imagine yourself having what you wish without harming or taking away from any other person. Visualize your dream coming true in a way that actually brings blessings to all. This will increase your joy in visualizing, and erase any friction between your desire and other people’s that could impede your getting what you long for. It will also add to your happiness when your dream in fact comes true!

Next Week

Next week we’ll write about a related topic: having a desire that other people are opposed to when it’s something we really must manifest in spite of them. We’ll talk about how to neutralize the negative influence of other people’s thoughts in a way that does not obstruct their free will.

Also in next week’s newsletter, we’ll send you a short survey asking your opinion on our new newsletter format and content. We want to know if we’re hitting the target for what you need, or if what we’re sending you needs improvement. There will be a special gift for all of you who help us by filling out the survey!

Until then, our warmest wishes to all for a wonderful and inspired week!

Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
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Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Founders of Global Secrets International

P.S. We always love to hear from you! Please send feedback on how we can make things better and also your stories about applying The Law of Attraction in your life. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family and friends.

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