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"There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent
or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul."
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Bob Proctor Webinar Replay
Second Chance If You Missed It Live

If you are among the thousands of people who tried to listen in on the Bob Proctor Wealth Webinar but couldn't due to an overload on the system, a replay of the webinar is available for you to review at your leisure. Even if you didn't register for the webinar, you can still use this link to log on to the replay. We're sorry we didn't all get to hear the live teleconference (we, Richie and Anneli, got shut out, too!), but the important thing is that we all get the information, and the replay delivers that just fine. Hope you enjoy it, folks. Here's to our mutual abundance! Please use this log-in button:

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The Power of Resilience

The Power of Resilience
By Denis Waitley
6-CD Set

This powerful CD course focuses on developing the power of resilience: the ability to bounce back from any negatives life tosses your way – stronger, wiser, and more successful from the experience. If you want to build will and overcome victimization once and for all, this course is for you.

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‘Dream Manifesto’ Manifestation Kit
Audio and software program

Manifest any goal or life dream with this new, award-winning audio and software program. Using the power of your intention combined with images and your own voice, set up your own computer to reprogram your mind throughout the workday with messages for lasting happiness and success!

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Finish Strong
Inspirational Online Video Clip

Enjoy this four-minute video clip about real people whose determination overcame the worst of odds, leading them to success, fame and glory. This one’s a freebie.

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A Miraculous Story

A reader named Rita recently called and shared her wonderful story with us. She told how she had prayed for a healing when she became critically ill with a disease no one was able to cure. She had picked up a parasite on a visit to India. She had been ill for three years, and the parasite had begun to devour her organs. Neither medical doctors nor alternative practitioners had been able to deliver a cure. In desperation, she decided to turn to prayer. She remembered how as a child she had learned about novenas to Saint Teresa: “you say a prayer for nine days and if at the end of the nine days you’re going to get what you asked for, Saint Teresa will send you a rose.”

Rita decided to make a novena not only to Saint Teresa but to every saint she had ever admired. She spent hours every day in prayer, flat on her back since she could barely sit up or walk around. At the end of nine days, there was no rose. But her determination – her will – was indefatigable. Instead of being discouraged and accepting she was meant to die, she proceeded right into a second nine-day novena. This woman was not going to take no for an answer.

At the end of this second round of prayer, precisely on the ninth day, she received an anonymous bouquet of hand-picked flowers at her door. There was no rose in the bouquet. On the doorstep next to hers, however, someone had also left a hand-picked bouquet, but that vase did include the desired flower. Why had that rose come so close yet not been given to her? Rita’s conclusion: “Close, but no cigar.” She took the incident as a sign that she was close to manifesting her desire but had to keep working on it.

So she started a third nine-day round of prayer. At the end, she felt just as sick as before, but something strange had happened, she tells us. Somehow she KNEW she was going to get well. She had no idea how a cure would come, as every form of medicine had failed her. But she was so CERTAIN her wish had been granted that the morning of the last day of the novena, she did an unusual thing.

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A Miraculous Movie

While talking about the miraculous today, we want to tell you about a little-known Hollywood movie, available on DVD, that could have a miraculous effect on your life. The Truman Show stars Jim Carey in his first serious role. He plays a sincere dreamer who never seems to get the things he desires. The demands of life always seem to get in the way.

Everyone tells him he needs to be mature and practical and give up on his dreams, but there is something in Truman (“true man”) that makes that impossible. At a certain point in his life, he starts noticing unexplainable things occurring – odd things that normally he would ignore and dismiss but that somehow he starts to notice. He begins to surmise that there’s more to his life than he has been taught to believe – another layer of reality he’s been missing.

His friends and family call him deluded and paranoid. They even tell him he’s sick. But Truman is on the trail of something, and like a hound fresh on a scent, he doesn’t let go.

His determination to know the truth, whatever it is, and to have what he desires – in spite of the world’s telling him he can have neither – is the force that drives this character to the movie’s wonderful and remarkable conclusion.

The film is full of understated symbolism. Watch for it, as it deepens the meaning and enjoyment of the movie. Notice how Cristof pauses a second after “creator” when he says “I am the creator – of a television show,” and how light shines down from the clouds when he speaks to Truman for the first time.

This movie is giving us a message about the reality of our world, and a different vision of what is really behind it. More importantly, it gives the message that a determined spirit, who won’t take no for an answer, can find out even the most deeply disguised truths and work his way out of even the worst of exploitive, debilitating situations.

It’s all a matter of will, of determined desire. Like the mother who lifts the car that has fallen on her infant, intent can grow so strong that it breaks through all limitations.

You can rent The Truman Show through Netflix or purchase it through Amazon. We guarantee it’s a movie you’ll want to watch again and again.

Next week’s topic: manifesting something that others are opposed to. See you then!


Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
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