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"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
~ Tommy Lasorda

The Power of Resilience

The Power of Resilience
By Denis Waitley
6-CD Set

This powerful CD course focuses on developing the power of resilience: the ability to bounce back from any negatives life tosses your way – stronger, wiser, and more successful from the experience. If you want to build will and overcome victimization once and for all, this course is for you.

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The Truman Show

The Truman Show
Starring Jim Carey
Hollywood Movie

This serious Hollywood movie, profoundly symbolic, went over most viewers’ heads when it came out ten years ago. The Truman Show demonstrates the force that is the human will – its ability to break through every barrier, even when the world seems set against us. When combined with courage and a simple, sincere spirit (symbolized by Truman, or “true man”), unbending intent breaks through deceitful appearances, uncovers life’s deepest truths, and frees us to determine our own destiny.

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‘Dream Manifesto’ Manifestation Kit
Audio and software program

Manifest any goal or life dream with this new, award-winning audio and software program. Using the power of your intention combined with images and your own voice, set up your own computer to reprogram your mind throughout the workday with messages for lasting happiness and success!

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Finish Strong
Inspirational Online Video Clip

Enjoy this four-minute video clip about real people whose determination overcame the worst of odds, leading them to success, fame and glory. This one’s a freebie.

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Will: The Forgotten Element in Manifestation Success

You’ve heard a lot about the ingredients needed for success with the Law of Attraction. One element that rarely gets talked about but that figures prominently in the mix is the element of human will. You may call it intent, or determination. Whatever you name it, it is the fuel that drives the engine of manifestation. Without it, there is no power behind a goal, no energy. Instead of a strong intention, you have a pipedream. It’s the difference between a football front lineman and someone gazing casually from the bleachers. Both have the same desire, but one of them could never win the game.

We’ve written about the power of visualizing and affirmations to manifest a desire, but neither of those techniques, however faithfully practiced, have much effect without a firm intent. Intent is what makes you imagine your goal with such passion you can taste it. It’s what makes you absolutely interrupt yourself each time mind chatter creeps in that says your wish is only a fantasy, or that you don’t deserve it, or any time other destructive thought patterns insert themselves into your expectation that you will have your dream.

Acceptance – The False Virtue

A lot has been written lately (not by LOA teachers) about the virtue of acceptance. It’s spiritually fashionable now simply to take an attitude of acceptance toward everything, an attitude of nonresistance. Proponents believe this reduces wear and tear on a person, because going with the flow is somehow supposed to be good for you and in alignment with cosmic intentions.

People who are successful manifesters don’t see it that way. Going with the flow may feel nice and peaceful, but it’s going to take you wherever the crowd is going, and that may not be where you’d like to be headed. There’s no reason to think that the direction things are going in automatically is the direction the Creator intended, a direction that will result in greater happiness. There’s enough bad in the world to challenge that comforting assumption. If things are allowed to drift where they will, that opens the door for those with bad intentions to enter the scene and direct the drift, since good people are refusing to.

Floater or Swimmer?

When you lie on a lake, you can do so in one of two ways. You can float or you can swim. Which is easier to push around: a floater or a swimmer? Of course, the body that is passively floating. It’s hard to manipulate a swimmer because a swimming body is self-propelled in a particular direction. The swimmer has momentum that is hard for someone else to interfere with and redirect. Swimmers tend to get to their destinations, floaters do not. Floaters end up where circumstances or someone else takes them.

When humans decide it’s spiritual to simply “float” through their life experience, other individuals who have firm intentions of their own can enter the scene and manipulate the floater to their own ends. By contrast, if a floater turns into a swimmer, having a firm direction of his own, actively moving toward his goals, he’d hard to deter. Such are the “movers and shakers,” the people who self-determine their lives and who leave their personal mark on the world.

Tools, Not the Target

A firm intent to manifest one’s goal is even more important than visualizing or affirming. Those are only tools to help develop intent. It’s the intent to achieve a certain result that brings the result about. Determination arouses expectation, and expectation is the mindset that opens the possibilities door.

Not phony expectation where we deny the doubt and uncertainty we’re feeling and deceive ourselves into thinking we firmly intend something. Rather, a through-to-the-bones intention – an intent so strong you grow fully certain that your wish will come true.

Until we have this kind of certainty, we visualize and affirm, because doing so develops belief, which grows into certainty. But once we are through-and-through certain, visualizing and affirming drop by the wayside. Ordaining takes its place. We see that kind of faith in the Bible or in stories of Indian yogis, where Jesus or the master simply intended that something be so, gave the word, and the thing appeared.

Jesus made the claim that “All that I do, you can do, and greater,” meaning anyone can rise to that level of manifestation mastery, the level that bystanders call miracles. The person performing the miracle knows there is nothing mysterious about it. He simply uses the power of focused thought, confident with expectation, in creating the reality he wishes to experience.

A master’s confidence is based on his knowledge of the workings of the universe, his understanding that when you ask your father for a fish, he does not give you a stone. The master understands that if you’re getting stones, the problem must be in the way you’re placing your order, not in your father or the fish.

Next Week

We’ll share a manifestation story from a reader next week who demonstrates the through-to-the-bones determination that brings about true miracles. There’s so much to be said about the power of human will.

Please remember to send us your own favorite manifestation story. Recount the details to the best of your ability. We will share some of these stories in this newsletter and possibly compile a downloadable PDF gift book later on of the bunch. Your experience is an education to others who hear of it, and an inspiration to us all. Let’s help one another!

Wishing you all an intentional week,

Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Richie and Anneli Signature
Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Founders of Global Secrets International

P.S. We always love to hear from you! Please send feedback on how we can make things better and also your stories about applying The Law of Attraction in your life. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family and friends.

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